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 Written by Dominique Morriseau |  Directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan

(Next Act Theatre)


"[Jamil A.C. Mangan] guides his cast through a difficult story with grace and sensitivity."

- Kelsey Lawler (BroadwayWorld)



The play offers a unique perspective on the challenges of changing one’s destiny from impoverishment to enrichment through education, while highlighting the public school to public jail “pipeline” that affects many young black men. The conflict is established early on, as Omari's mother struggles with the news of her son physically attacking a teacher. The play brilliantly explores the tension and pressure experienced by Omari and his girlfriend, Jasmine, as they navigate a world that is radically different from their roots.


 The excellent acting ensemble of six actors, including Ibraheem Farmer, Kristin E. Ellis, Malaina Moore, Will Simms II, Tami Workentin, and James Carrington, brings to life the multi-dimensional characters with stunning portrayals that make the audience feel the struggle and complexity of their lives.


Staged Reading + Development

a play by John Thorburn Hall

and developed by David Lamberton

 Directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan

Stage Manager: Alexandria Thomas

The play is based on actual events in 1976 war-torn Nigeria, when an African-American government envoy arrives on a US trade mission, as well as a personal mission to explore his racial identity. After witnessing the murder of an innocent hotel worker by a fellow American, he is forced into a crisis of conscience. The cast was composed of

J. Dolan Byrnes (Lother), Stan Buturla (Harry), Nathan Faudree (Nick), Thomas Galantich (Fred), Russell Jordan (Phil), June Elizabeth (Mrs. Norgabin), Tomike Ogugua (Awahla), and Adeyinka Adebola (Eshu).



 Written by Alyna Barnes |  Directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan

(Renaissance Theaterworks)

Haunting and heartbreaking, this short play contains a lifetime, revealing all that is lost when a life is cut short by police violence. A 2018 Br!NK Br!ef play and a finalist at the 2019 Samuel French Off Off Short Play Festival in NYC.


Featuring Malkia Stampley and Chiké Johnson.

A virtual production with state-of-the-art effects created by The Outer Loop Theater Experience.


 Written by Omar M'sai |  Directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan

(Episcopal Actors Guild)

In the midst of a bustling metropolis, amid the cacophony of urban sounds and the relentless flow of humanity, two erstwhile companions, long-separated by the vicissitudes of time, chanced upon each other in a moment of cosmic coincidence. As they gazed upon each other, a flicker of recognition passed between them, as if the very universe itself had conspired to bring them together. And in that fleeting moment, they both knew that there was something profound and mysterious that lay just beneath the surface of their seemingly mundane lives. As they began to talk, to share their stories, to delve into the depths of their souls, they realized that they were both harboring secrets so deep and obscure that they had never dared to reveal them to anyone. Yet now, in this unexpected and serendipitous encounter, they found the courage to confront their hidden fears and to open up to each other in a way that they never thought possible. And as they stood there, amidst the chaos and confusion of the city, they knew that they had discovered something truly special: a bond of trust and understanding that would endure for the rest of their lives.


Russell Jordan

Dorit Elena


Hecho En Ecuador

 Written by Various Artists |  Directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan

 (Mindo, Ecuador + Teatro Iati, NYC )

Hecho En Ecuador was a 40-day immersive journey across Ecuador, which concluded with a week-long festival of performance in Mindo and New York City. It aimed to amplify often unheard voices through DAT’s Community Storytelling Project and offered opportunities to explore diverse cultures and terrain, workshop with local experts, artists, and theatre companies, and engage with local communities through arts education and community-led service projects. The program also collaborated with professional artists to create new devised theatre pieces. Mangan, the director of Hecho En Ecuador, used devised theater techniques to direct two fully devised plays with two separate companies that both made their debut off-Broadway. Each cast formulated their plays through an exploration of text, movement, and mask work indigenous to the native culture of Ecuador.



 Written by Lee Breuer + Compose by Bob Telson |  Directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan

(African Globe Theatrework)

 “Jamil A.C. Mangan staged the show with precision.”

- Peter Filichia (The Star-Ledger)

The Gospel at Colonus" is a musical play that fuses the ancient Greek tragedy of Oedipus with modern gospel music. The story follows Oedipus, a blind and exiled king, as he arrives in the town of Colonus and is taken in by the locals. The play uses a gospel choir and a charismatic preacher to tell the story, which ultimately becomes a celebration of redemption and transcendence. The show is a powerful and moving experience that explores the timeless themes of fate, faith, and forgiveness through the lens of African-American gospel music and culture.

Sons Of Johnny Johnson

written by Robert F. Bradford | directed by Jamil A.C. Mangan (Davenport Theatre)


This captivating play was showcased at the Davenport Theatre as part of The Midtown International Theatre Festival, which has been bringing incredible productions from all over the world to New York for almost two decades. The festival presents a plethora of powerful plays and musicals, making it one of the most compelling reasons to visit the city during the summer season.

Robert F. Bradford's production, "Sons of Johnny Johnson," directed by Jamil Mangan, features a talented cast including Angela Trotter, Carol Copper, Jarvis Smith, Brandon Mellette, Adeyinka Adebola, Lamar K. Cheston, Tomike Ogugua, and Omar M'Sai. The plot revolves around a modern-day black family coping with the aftermath of their beloved matriarch's untimely death, and the return of their eldest son.


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